At Kimberley's Sprouts & Veggies my focus is currently on providing you and your family with high quality Vegetables, Juices, Soups and Whole Foods - Foods that are fresh and rich in vitamins, are organic whenever possible, are locally sourced, and free from GMO's. Gluten free, vegan and dairy free options are always available, and I also make accommodations for clients with specific preferences or allergies.
I juice from either whole organic or non-organic fresh fruit and veggies, supporting local produce, and growing my own as much as possible in my extensive home garden. All juices are cold, fresh pressed, gluten free and vegan. The juices have been designed to combine specific ingredients that serve a purpose in aiding in health and nutritional needs. There are a variety of 10 juices, the most popular being the green-based drinks. An example of my most popular juice is Greeny which can be juiced organic or non-organic upon request. Greeny includes cucumber, kale, celery, ginger root, turmeric root, apple, lemon juice, and carrots. I currently have ten varieties of juices; however, the ingredients often can change depending on what is available locally, what is fresh, and what is at its best for preparing a great, healthy juice!
In addition to my juices, I also create Crackers & Soups. My crackers are created from dehydrating the fiber extracted from the veggies and fruits during the juicing process. They are gluten free, vegan and are either organic or non-organic depending on the starting ingredients. My soups are low in salt, some are gluten free, and all are vegan. They are made from organic or non-organic whole, local produce, and typically are in alignment with the fruits/veggies that are in season. All are created for nutritional benefits as well as to enjoy!
Please contact me by email or phone for more information on what foods we are currently providing and how to order!
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